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Principal Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS)
A site plan shall be prepared and certified by a registered professional engineer and submitted as part of the special exception application. In addition to the other requirements of this section, the site plan shall contain the following.
[a] Property boundaries and identification of neighboring landowners.
[b] The location of all man-made structures on the lot, as well as all man-made structures within 100 feet of any proposed wind turbine.
[c] All wires and overhead structures, both natural and man-made.
[d] Complete structural and engineering details, including narrative descriptions, demonstrating how the foundation, support and other parts of the wind energy system will be constructed, installed, and maintained.
[e] Information regarding the speed of operation and braking mechanism. No wind turbine shall be permitted that lacks an automatic braking, governing, or feathering system to prevent uncontrolled rotation, over-speeding, and/or excessive pressure on the turbine or any of its parts.

See § 270-5.2F(3)(b) for complete information.