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Wireless Facilities (Permits)
Permit required. Prior to the construction of any new WF, the WF applicant must obtain approval from the Township Zoning Officer and Building Code Official. The permit application shall include the following:
[1] The name, address and phone number of the person preparing the WF permit applicant;
[2] The postal address and/or coordinates of the proposed site;
[3] The location, size and total height of the proposed WF;
[4] The number, type and model of the WF(s) proposed;
Permit fees. The Township may assess appropriate and reasonable permit fees directly related to the Township's actual costs in reviewing and processing the permit application for approval of a WF, as well as related inspection, monitoring, and related costs. Such permit fees shall be established as part of the Township fee schedule.

See § 270-5.2Q for complete, detailed information on wireless facilities.
See Forms and Applications for more information.