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Permitting procedures and fees.
Permits for the placement of signs are required as indicated by the last column in Sign Regulations Tables. Sign permit application requirements, such as forms, plans, and fees, shall be established by the Township Board of Supervisors by resolution from time to time.

Nonconforming signs.
Nonconforming signs may continue to be displayed as long as there is compliance with the following limitations and conditions:
A. There may be no expansion or increase in the nonconformity in any way.
B. Maintenance and repair of the sign is permitted. If necessary, up to 50% of the entire area of a sign and its supporting structure may be replaced in the event of damage, and any such replacement must be completed within six months of the damage occurring.
C. The sign must be brought into conformity if, for a period of at least three months, the message has no longer applied to an activity on the lot.

Order sign removal.
The East Hempfield Township Zoning Officer will notify any landowner or business in writing of his intent to have a sign removed. He shall have the authority to order any sign to be removed if a sign:
A. Is found to block traffic or cause significant driver distraction;
B. Encroaches upon rights-of-way or easements; or
C. Is shown to be a danger to people or vehicles.